Supporting You to Access the Care You Need

AstraZeneca Access360 Patient Assistance Program (PAP) is a support program for you, should you require help with paying for selected AstraZeneca medicines.

Program Process

Step 1: Enrolment

  1. Fill in the Access360 Application Form, and have it signed by your doctor.
  2. Submit the filled application form and supporting documents (eg. copy of identification document) to Zuellig Pharma (vendor engaged to run this program).
  3. You will be informed of the application outcome and tier of subsidy through a welcome phone call by an Access360 Program Consultant from Zuellig Pharma.

Step 2: Payment

  1. Present the Redemption Form/Card AND your Doctor’s Prescription at the designated pharmacy.
  2. Pay for, and collect your chargeable medicines at the pharmacy.
  3. Keep the invoice given.

Step 3: Collection of Complimentary Program Medicines

Depending on your hospital, collection could be one of the following:

Your complimentary program medicines will be given to you at the hospital pharmacy. 

With the invoice given, you are required to submit it to Zuellig Pharma via 1 of the following 3 options:

  • Post your invoice using the business reply envelope
  • Fax a copy of the invoice to +65 6548 1796
  • Email a scanned copy or picture of the invoice to:

This step must be completed prior to your next appointment with your doctor. Zuellig Pharma will consolidate all invoices for the month and restock the program medicines at the pharmacy. This step is necessary to ensure that the pharmacy maintains an adequate supply of program medicines for you.

After paying for and collecting your chargeable medicines at the hospital pharmacy, you may collect your complimentary program medicines from Unity Pharmacy. Bring your original prescription, Program Card and NRIC to the Unity Pharmacy which you have chosen during the welcome phone call.

Your complimentary program medicines will then be issued to you at the Unity Pharmacy.